This is a new song I wrote 2 weeks ago. It´s kinda like a mix of Opeth and Dream Theater, but make your own opinion, I can´t describe it too well.

To The Highlands.zip
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Holy ****e man, that song of yours rocked! It clearly had that DT influence going on there.

I loved the intro there, it's really a haunting melody, especially after the bass and pad entered. I loved your use of triplets there, though I think you need to use it more and experiment more on the note duration .

The transition was kinda smooth, I was expecting some sort of build up for the main riff, but whatever, it's still awesome. You also have a nice rhythm there.

The verse, well, it was great for the first time, but after the repeat it started getting old. I think you don't need to repeat it, or if you really want it to be that long, give variation to the repeat, as right now, even with vocals, I reckon it would still sound repetitive.

The chorus was a bit strange there imo. It was playing happy upbeat tunes all of a sudden, which imo didn't worked very well. You need to either change it into something more haunting like the rest of the song, or give a better build up and transition for it.

After that it just repeated itself. Nothing wrong there, although a little variation wouldn't hurt. And again, the verse felt a tad too long.

The solo was... well.... let's just say it made me felt a certain sensation between my thigh . I loved how you started the solo, and the duel with the piano and guitar. Although, the complete silence at bar 158 kinda made the mood drop. I suggest put something there/get rid of that. For the rest of the solo, well, it rocked.

After that, finally the chorus felt right lol . The only time the happy chorus felt right was at that time, because the solo felt like the perfect transition for that. The choruses before that sounded out of place, and it just didn't work.

As for the ending, well, it didn't really sounded like an ending. I think you should make a new ending for the song, right now it's not a fitting ending since the song is great while the ending is meh.

Yeah, that's it for the crit. It's a great and solid piece, really. All I would change is the first two chorus, the ending, and maybe shorten up some parts. 8.5/10 from me (which is great ). I so wished I could write songs like that .

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I thought it was quite good, but some of the parts (eg the main riff) were pretty boring. I loved the chorus though, and most of the parts with piano.
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Well, that rocked. I just loved how the piano got there, the chorus was awesome, but i gotta agree with duncang, the main riff was a little boring. And i had a problem with the solo, the idea was nice but the implementation was less good.

Thanks for the crit!

The piano at the begining was very cool, has a sort of dark and evil sound about it.

When the band comes in the riff is cool, with the diminished chord and what-not.
Cool drums!

The lead after that reminded me of early Avenged Sevenfold.
So does the riff after that, it's cool. It has sort of a hardcorey arabian classical sound to it!

The riff after that reminded me of the verse in Desecrate Through Reverance by A7x.

The preverse type bit at 71 is cool, good time signature useage. The piano in the chorus is pretty cool, it's catchy without being cheesy.

The call & responce in the solo was cool. Very Dream theater. And the harmonys with the guitar & the piano, again a very Petrucci and Rudess moment (:

The sweeps in the solo are cool, the descending thing at bar 175 didn't really fit, it sounded too happy compared to the solo.

The solo in the chorus is cool, maybe add some vibrato or pinchs or something to make it a bit more interesting. The ending maybe should fade out instead of just stopping, that would sound much better in my opnion.

Overall, 9/10, pretty good, but theres a little room for improvement!
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Hey, thanks for the crit.

The song starts out good with the piano. The only problem there is the triplets feel like they don't really fit very well. And in bar 5, that 4,5,6 triplet. The five is not in the key and it sounds off. Other than that, it's good.

The intro is good. Kinda heavy. Heavy's good.

I loved the verse riff. That's some good **** right there.

Wasn't too crazy about the riff at bar 71. It's alright. I'm not sure how to make it better though. You can probably get by with it. Vocals might bring it in. make it better.

I didn't like the chorus. I agree with MarchOFEternity, it sounded a bit too happy. It's fine and all, just a bit too happy for this song.

Solo was tight. The 5/4 thing was kinda cool. Something different and still good. The little duel in the beginning was tight. Sounds like Children of Bodom with the crazy piano. Transition into the chorus was not bad.

Over all, I don't see much you can improve, or at least I don't see any good way to improve anything. Right now I'd probably give you 9/10. Nice job dude.
Intro was great, nice chords used, the jump to guitar was bit too dramatic, like they didnt seem to fit together. the verse riff was great but the chorus was a bit meh with the piano, it sounds much better with guitar playing the lead.

the solo was also good but the harmonized part sounded really off to me :S maybe you meant that i dont know, but overall the song was pretty good, very DT
The intro started and I thought that I would love this song. To tell you the truth, it kind of bored me. Some of your time changes also sounded a bit a dull and almost forced at times, like they really, really shouldn't be there. The piano was my favourite although I could do with a few less random triplets.

7/10 only because it's a bit dull.

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First off, i'm not a big fan of progressive metal like DT. Bands like that always seem to stretch their songs to epic proportions by repeating the hell out of their riffs, and your song suffers a bit from that as well, but that's just me .

Against all expectancy I actually liked it! The piano intro goes for waaaay too long, but I like what the bass does in there.
When the heavier riffs come in the song really kicks off and it kicks off good! I loved the riffage from bar 43 - 55!
The chorus doesn't work for me... It really doesn't seem to fit the song and to be honest it sounded a bit too gay (for lack of a better term...).
The solo was very good and I loved the interplay between the piano and guitar. Too bad there's this very unnecessary silence in there, it kind of creates an anticlimax... Luckily the faster harmony part a bit further makes up for it. I did hate the ending of the solo into the chorus though, it really felt forced... .

Overall I think it's a great song, maybe just not my genre, but anyway: 8/10

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Hey i think its an okay job, i really liked your piano part heaps though the riffs when it kicked of to me fell short of brutal and the sounded pretty average, mainly the chorus. I loved the duels between the guitar and keys and the unison was fantastic, though the Intro for me really set a mood of agnst which was then sort of diminished by your riffs.
anyway good job 7/10

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