My friend is performing some BFMV songs as part of his A level recital but is lacking backing tracks. He's already tried Guitar BT so I thought I'd try here.

Anybody have any ideas where else you can get them from?
Thanks for reading
not sure what backing tracks are but if u need tabs just search... here
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If it comes to it, get a decent enough guitar pro tab and turn the guitar part volume off.
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what songs?

you can make backing tracks from guitar pro tabs (if you haven't got guitar pro you might be able to user tuxguitar but I haven't tried it myself).

copy the drums and bass into a new tab then export as midi.

then import that into FL studio demo (available for free here) then assign a decent soundfont (get them here) for each instrument (you can double up on drums and pick 2 soundfonts to make a bigger sound but make sure to double up on everything else or half the volume for each drum tack) then export as mp3, burn to CD and put it in a CD player.

search google for a more in depth guide.
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Bwahaha, he's doing Bullet for my Valentine for an A level recital?! If I was doing A level music, I'd make sure I played some music that wasn't mediocre screamocore.
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