hey guys
im new to theory and have started leaning a few scales and would like to hear them being used
so can you guys give me a few examples of where these scales are used in solos
C harmonic minor
G minor pentatonic
A ionian
D mixolydian
G aeolian
A phrygian
D dorian
preferably something in the metal genre but its not entirely important
just give band / song names and where abouts its used if you can
thanks for any help
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To be honest you'd be better off just starting with the major scale and learning other scales by how they relate to it...you won't get any benefit from learning a few random scale patterns.

Also, try not to approach scales in specific keys as individual things, they're not...a scale is a pattern of intervals that you can apply to any root note. That means the same scale in different keys will still sound "the same", which one you use just depends on the key the rest of your music is in.

The first thing to do is learn the notes on the fretboard, the next step before learning anything else is to learn the major scale and it's intervals, understand how you can play that scale all over the fretboard and understand how the scale relates to the chord progression of the major scale.
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its a task set by my guitar tutor so i feel i should follow
but thanks for the advice its greatly appreciated
G Minor Pentatonic: SRV's "Texas Flood"
D Mixolydian: Bad Company's "Feel Like Makin' Love" (first solo/interlude)
A Ionian: Blink 182's "The Rock Show"

For the record, this is a ridiculous assignment; your teacher should teach you these things.
For the record, this is a ridiculous assignment; your teacher should teach you these things.

Yeah, this looks like a trick assignment or something.
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