My local GC has one of these for damn-dirt cheap. reviews are crazy for it, anyone with personal experience? i have a choice between one of these and a b-52 at-100... 100 watts is a little much for me, so id like the 50-wattage of the mesa. i think DC means Dual Caliber.
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I think it's a decent amp, completely and utterly outclasses a B52 in every way. It was Mesa's attempt at a 'poor man's MKIV' (with similar circuitry but most of the complex switching options removed) and is a used bargain at the moment. Frankly it'd rip a Hayden Peacemaker to shreds as well, not just in tone but in overall quality and reliability.

I've heard tons negative comments towards the DC, but that's because it takes a bit of time and patience to get it set up correctly. It seems very sensitive to the tubes and speakers you use, and it can take a bit of tweaking at first to find the tone you're after. Once you've learned how to tweak it though, you can get almost any sound you want.
DC does stand for dual caliber
how much is the price?
as for the Hayden Peacemaker comment: where the hell did that suggestion come from
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Meh, it's not very nice, look for a Hayden Peacemaker instead

You say that in every thread. Or at least the last 3 I was in.
i just got it for 400 dollars. all new JJ tubes and stuff. the tolex is a little mucked, but who cares, it sounds so god damn good.
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