click quote copy it from the quick reply box then paste it into your signiture
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click the quote button then highlight and copy what they've written. Then go to the control panel. then click 'edit signature' and paste it into the text box. Then click 'save signature'.
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1:Find post you want to sig
2: Hit 'Quote' button at the bottom
3: copy text
4: Click 'Control Panel'
5: Click 'Edit Signature'
6: Past text into box

Hope that helped!

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How do I 'sig' someone/put a quote in my signature?

- First you need to obtain the quote you'd like to put in your sig. Do this by clicking the 'Quote' button underneath the post containing the quote. Select all of the text that is given to you, including the tags, right click, and select copy (or alternatively you may copy by pressing Ctrl-C).
- Now go to your Control Panel, click 'Edit Signature' on the left, paste the text into the box provided, and click 'Save Signature'.

You can find this, and answers to many similar questions here:
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