It's a good solid cover, all instrumentation sounds fine, but I think the sound is a bit thin. Maybe adding a synth in there possibly would help make the sound fatter.

Maybe a bit of delay or reverb on the guitar.

Good cover though
That actually wasn't all that bad. Your singer is pretty decent and the drums/bass fit together nicely. My only criticism is that you guys need to play/record louder overall and work a little more on making your lead riffs clean and in time. Your singer seemed to be limiting his voice because he would have been much louder than the music itself if he really sang intensely.

Overall, not the worst cover I've ever heard. Keep working and improving.
That was pretty sweet. It seamed like the singer doesn't start off well in the first verse. But I really liked the voice and after the beginning of the first verse I thought it was really good. The instruments all sounded great too. The only thing that could be improved is the tone of the lead guitar. A slight adjustment would make the tone better. Good job, I really like it. Can you crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=13976526#post13976526
Thanks for the crits guys. Yeah, that was actually our drummer singing on it, our singer couldn't be there when we were recording. But what would yall suggest to fill it out more? I've noticed that but I wasn't sure what to do to the song.
Possibly add in a rhythm guitar track behind the main lead? Should make the backing to the lead and vocals fuller and stronger.
Ahh ok. Should I make the vocals stronger by re-recording them with more force behind them or have a back up singer or both?