Instead of using other peoples tone I'd like to create my own. Do you guys know of a good starting place? What I mean by that is roughly in which position does each dial sound there best?

set each knob flat (all of them facing directly up) and go from there.
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Well, I had some tones i liked from Metallica and RHCP, and made some mixes from it, that i really like, wich, gives you a sound like a band you like, but also your own new sound.
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Just mix and match 'til you find a tone you like. I can't tell you how to make a good tone, cos everything sounds different to me than it would to you. What I might think is great you might think is ****. Just experiment.

Do you really think Satch, Clapton, Slash, etc asked people for their own signature sound?
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"Finding MY own tone." -- you said it yourself - it's YOUR tone. It's whatever sounds best to YOU. So **** with everything till you get "your" tone. If we tell you what tone to use, it's not yours, it's ours :P
Am trying to find a versatile tone that will fit with my style of playing, I tend to play video game and anime music, along with hard rock. Every time I write a piece of music its a headache trying to produce a suitable tone. So am just gonna come up with one tone and stick with that and probably just modify it, if needed.

Are there any specific rules that should be followed, for example, never use no bass or treble?
It's all about the gear and techniques you use - the knobs on an amp, guitar or pedal are really just fine tuners.

Your amp is what defines the guitar's base tone, though a lot of it comes from the pickups (as well as tons of other factors) and most importantly your playing. Listen to Jeff Beck, he only has to play one note and you can instantly recognise it's him - yet he's used tons of different gear over the years. Eric Clapton switched from SG to Strat, but still sounds like Clapton. Dave Gilmour changes his setup every few years but is still instantly recognisable - even playing a Les Paul he sounds like Gilmour. Eric Johnson uses every effect and amp under the sun, but you can still easily recognise his playing beacuse he plays so uniquely.

It's not what most people want to hear, but the knobs on your amp are rarely more than frequency tuning, a way to balance your amp's tone to the shape and size of the room. So if you want a more trebly tone, instead of turning up the treble try picking closer to the bridge. If you want a more mellow sound, pick softly with your fingers right up against the end of the fretboard. If you want a sharper tone, turn down your guitar's volume control a little and dig in really hard.
Your 'own tone' is what comes from your fingers, far more than anything else.