The title is pretty self explanatory, i found out about Hamer guitars about a week ago, because I had been to blind to see past fender, gibson and ibanez. Well I was wondering how are they? Because the other day i went to a guitar store around my house, and when I saw the Hamer standard flametop I went to check the price, because I really like the explorer shape models. But I almost crapped my pants when I saw it cost 1049.99, so I came home and checked the price on musician's friend and it was a decent 489.00. So i was wondering, has anyone actually tried Hamer or own Hamer guitars? How are they, and would it be a smart choice to buy a Hamer standard flametop, or are there better explorer look-a-likes for a better price?

Also I didnt want to start 2 threads, so i will also add this question. I was thinking of purchasing this SX http://www.rondomusic.com/gg2bo.html but i wasnt really sure, but if i change the pickups on it when i buy it, will it become a much better guitar?
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Well there's a Hamer at my school, and I like it! It reminds me very much of my Gibson Les Paul, and it's my favorite guitar out of the guitars they have (though that doesn't say much, as the rest are: LTD EC-50, Squier Tele, Some strat copy, and 2 Ibanez GIO guitars). I don't know what model it is, but it's very similar to a Les Paul, and it plays really well.
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