well that pretty much says it all. when i first got the guitar it was doing it MUCH WORSE. and its been a while the seasons have changed (humidity has changed) iv changed the strings around just been a while and that buzzing is coming back. its not to noticeable yet but still its there and starting to bug me. when i first got it the guy at the shop made a truss rod adjustment and no more buzzing. i think its probably time to do that again. just wasn't sure what way to go tighten or loosen? if some one could tell me that would be great.
Ok take it from some one who knows iv taken music therory and AP music theroy it helps its not that bad even if they do tell you power cords are lame
That doesn't really sound like something that would be fixed by adjusting the truss rod to me.

Get something with a straight edge (like a ruler) and put it on the 4th fret to see if it sticks up higher than the other frets, that could be the reason why it's buzzing when you play the 3rd fret.
fret the low E at the first fret, at the same time,
fret the low E at the last fret, where the neck and body meet.

with both places held, look a tthe middle frets, 7-9th

if the string lays on the fretwire there, you dont have enough bend.
if the string is more than a credit cards thickness up from the wire there, you have too much bend.

action should first be adjusted at the bridge. you might want to try that first see if the action is still suitable, and if the buzz goes away.

and buzzing not transmitting thru the amp is generall not considered a problem.

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