I love my EC-500 but I if I set the action the way I like it I get some buzz out of the E,A,D strings. I can raise it up and get rid of it but Its just to high for my liking. My question is especially for the more expierenced players is is it ok to have fret buzz?
fret buzz is absolutely unacceptable.
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A little bit of buzz is acceptable, but anything more and I suggest you se it up properly. In an ideal world guitar necks would be dead straight but unless the frets were flawlessly installed you'll need a little bit of neck relief. Try up to a quarter turn counterclockwise on the truss rod and see i that helps. If not, don't waste money getting your guitar set up. Get the frets professionally levelled and crowned, it's nearly impossible to get a really low action unless the frets have been properly done. If you can find a company that uses the PLEK machine for setups, even better.
So I want my neck straight? Right now is has alittle bow. I'll straighten it out and play with the bridge to get the action I want. I'm not looking for a low action just not really high.
Another question is when loosening my truss 1/4 turn at a time then tune again. How long should I wait to turn again? Would just a few min be ok?
if i cant hear the buzz through the amp its fine by me. i looove low action abd willing to sacrifice some buzz
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