Hello UGers i dont spend much time on this boards but... got a issue with my Warwick Rockbass Streamer 4 that i wants some advice about
Anyway here is the deal/story short:

i was doing some re-stringing,
when i was starting with the G-strings and i notice that it buzzed and stuff at the nut, so i try to raise it and the whole nut-unit came off

Do i need some special type off glue works best?

This is the 2nd bass the Nut broke, on my squirer it cracked in middled (hard effort to glue that togheter)
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I had a friend that used Gorilla Glue. It's like 5 dollars at Home Depot or a hardware store like ACE.

Use just a small line across the back side of the nut. the glue expands as it dries. Apply the glue, clamp the nut to the neck and wait for two hours and you are good to go.
I would use a slightly weaker glue than Gorilla glue. Just because it's not being pulled off or anything.

Superglue or Epoxy would be fine (although Epoxy isn't exactly weak...)
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I used Gorilla glue, its a little strong, but it works. I don't think that nut is coming off even if I wanted it too.

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Found what brand/glue i used last time...

question about the nut, is it suppose to tilt (the string holder part) a bit towards the headstock?

I was close to do a very bad misstake, glue it with the G-spot upwards.... and the E-spot at the bottom .... luckly i realised my misstake in time before it would be impossible to move XD