Which brand and gauge of string does everyone recommend for a Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR. I play mostly metal, hardcore, punk...help.
Anything would probably do, I use D'Addarios, some people use Ernie Balls, Dean Markley, DR, GHS... try a few.
if you stay around standard, drop d, and Eb i found ernie ball super slinky to be a great string, if you detune then i used ernie ball not even slinky for drop C..but i guess just try out different strings and found the ones that suits you best
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theres no best string imo, only something more suited to what you do. I use EB 10-46 because I like having flexibility without sacrificing too much resonance. Consider having a bigger gauge if you tune under the standard tuning, like 11's. I'd recommend Dean Markley, GHS or Ernie Ball.
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For the most part, strings are strings. It's a preference thing, completely.
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DR 10s are good for playing in drop D and D standard.
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for metal mmm...
ernie ball regular slinkys (.10s)
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