What amp(s) would you say have killer distortion for progressive and alternative rock as well as beautiful cleans for a nice bluesy tone? Basically, whats the most well rounded amp, at a somewhat realistic price?
Framus Cobra, but what's considered realistic.
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Check out Traynor amps. Versetile, & reasonably priced. The YSC 100H is my personal fave. 3 footswitchable channels each with it's own eq, boost, reverb, and effects settings.
40 or 100 watt settings & all tube tones.
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carvin V3

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Wish I had more money..
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i gotta carvin x-100b w/ 6l6's thats more versitile than anyof my other amps, its a really good , pretty cheap amp ( mine was 350 shipped )
too much to list

Soldering iron:15 dollars
Amp kit: 500 dollars
solder: 5 dollars
Burning the crap outta your fingers: priceless
Vox Valvetronix. I have the AD15VT of the series, its awesome. Has all these built-in effects.

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