My JSX sounds amazing when cranked, but I usually can't do that.

Some guy has told me that it gets its tube saturation mostly from the preamp stage, so that all I would need to do is lower the master volume...

Is this true, or would an attenuator help my situation?

Also, would I benefit more from putting an EQ in the effects loop, or before the input and after my guitar? It might not matter, but I'm not sure.

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I would put the EQ in the loop.
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i say put the EQ in the loop, but try yourself because you might prefer the opposite.

The overdrive made by cranking the amp is caused by the power tubes, the gain or drive knob controls pre amp saturation. Turning the master volume down will lose the 'cranked' sound.

An attenuator absorbs some of the sound going to the speaker, so both sets of tubes will be 'cranked' but the overall sound will be lower so you don't deafen yourself. Although some of that cranked sound comes from the speaker, so it wont sound exactly the same.
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