Okay, I took my guitar apart to paint it (Fender Squire painted to look like a Synyster Custom), and put it all back together. However, now, when I plug it into to amp, it cuts in and out. I've figured it has something to do with the volume knob, because when I touch it, it makes a static sound and sometimes alters whether it cuts in or out. It's as tight as it gets, its not loose.

Also, I remembered seeing a loose wire when I was reassembling it. It went to the back springs. I looked to see if it ripped off of anything, but didnt see any possible spots. Could that be the problem?

If anyone needs specifics, or would like to see the problem, I could take a video with my camera. Just ask.

Thank you for your time guys.
only thing id do is to pay someone to have a look at it... also what amp?
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That loose wire sounds like the earth wire.
Attatch it to the brige.

See if that helps

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I would imagine if you saw a loose wire that would be to blame. You can never have a loose wire. The two guys above me are right, but it could also be the input jack wire which is the simplest of all fixes. Check "all loose wires" and anything you don't feel comfortable doing or if you did, but it doesn't help just take it to the repair shop.

ps it is almost always the loose wires fault especially if you didn't have to take any wires off. Now if you did remove a wire then you could have either put it back in the wrong spot or have a bad connection to the contact point.
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That loose wire sounds like the earth wire.
Attatch it to the brige.

See if that helps

should there be a hole in the body for things to be connected to the bridge? i don't have one.

oh, and its a crate XT15R, nothing great, but my friend came over last night and it played fine on his guitar.
Nothing connects to the bridge unless you have an electronic bridge, but I doubt it. Now what he might be talking about is the bridge pickup. Generally the ground is the green wire and the red is the hot, but there are exceptions. Just make sure everything is connected well, and in the same place it started. If it worked before it was something you did. Either you got paint on something, hit something, put something back wrong, or knocked something loose. Aside from this it is kind of hard to give you advice. My colors on wiring could be wrong, but Im sure you can find something online. Even though when you turn the volume pot it cuts out it could still be the pickups. If its anything its in the wiring I can almost guarentee it. just check and give us the update...
it sounds to me like a possibility is the volume pots, get them cleaned and that should probably fix it...... i've had that happened to me too, when u hit the volume knob and stuff it starts cutting out etc. and i got the volume pots cleaned at a guitar store and it worked like a dream....

try it out, hopefully thats the issue cause its a quick and simple fix.