Can anyone help?

I have purchased a guitar body for a project and it came supplied with a busted strat-type 6-hole trem. Having removed it and measured it, it doesn't seem to conform to any specifications I can find on the web!

In a nutshell, the string spacing appears to be 10mm, not 10.5, 10.8 or 11.3, which seem to be the sizes of most of the main replacement units. Overall E-e spacing is 50mm.

More curious is the trem block, which has a height of only 32mm (the body cavity is only 37mm!). The only blocks I can find in this size are for FR-type trems, which are no good.

I don't know what make the body is, although I suspect the word "budget" would best describe it.

Any thoughts?
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Pics as requested.

Have checked out the links Ippon suggested. The unit for smaller string spacings is still 10.5mm, which is larger than this unit.

As a comparison, I have a Peavey Raptor and that has a 10.5mm spaced trem unit. All its specifications seem to match those of the smaller replacement units available.

I laid the above trem plate on the Peavey and they don’t line up, no matter how I tried.

With regard to the trem block, the shape is also rather unusual, as all current units I’ve researched are a solid block.

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The only thing i can suggest is, if there's nothing that will fit, fill the holes in and re-drill them to a new bridge size. A new tremelo should fit right in then.
When you run into a truly odd ball part they arent easy to replace. Some companies seem to go out of their way to make a part that nothing else will fit. Your going to be way better of making the guitar fit an easy to find trem than try to track down a replacement. One of my guitars is a squire and apparently the only wammy that will fit it is a squire wammy. Being a lefty makes it even worse as most places dont bother making lefty parts. So im trying to decide if I even want to go to the trouble of modding it to have a functional wammy or just go with fixed bridge.
Thanx Tackleberry. You gave me the idea to check out a Squier trem as a possible replacement. The block was a fit, but the plate was still the 10.5mm spacing. I managed to get 4 of the existing fixing holes to line up, then filled and re-drilled the remaining 2 as suggested by TomR.

Curiously, I checked out an old Encore strat guitar in my loft which I purchased in about 1993. That appears to have a small 10mm spaced trem. Could it be this was a standard size on cheap Far East guitars 15-20 years ago?