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Blackheart Little Giant
16 70%
Vox AD30vt
4 17%
3 13%
Voters: 23.
Looking to get my first amp. I've played both the Vox ad30vt and the blackheart little giant, and those are my main choices right now.

I'm looking to stay under 300 bucks, and play classic rock (Zeppelin, Eagles, Clapton, you know. Good ****) but want to get into some heavier stuff, namely tool.

Wattage doesn't matter, just using in my dorm and at home.

So Vox or a Blackheart with an od and distortion? Or name another.

edit:if I get the blackheart i'll probably get a bad monkey od too, and get a distortion later

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that blackheart is a must dude, it has tubes which on this forum means good and when you progress a player you will thank me later, if you ever need more gain buy a ibanez tube screamer or a distortion pedal.
finally, a first amp buyer who isnt thinking of an MG or a spider.
i wish i would have done my research when i bought my first amp.

but the vox is good if you want a lot of different sounds.
but the blackheart with an OD should be good for what your playing, it will sound better too.
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In the end, the Blackheart will probably be the big winner in your poll, but I voted Vox.

Here's why...

For a first amp, the Vox offers a lot of versatility and a lot of models and effects for you to play with and see what you like. As you progress as a player, and opt for a larger, all tube rig, the Vox will still be able to serve you as a bedrrom amp, or a nice, small, portable option for jamming.

These 5W tube amps are cool (I have a couple), but they're strictly for home use, and better as an addition to a larger rig. If you already have a selection of pedals and/or a nice cab lying around the house.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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I say Blackheart with a Bad Monkey. Sounds better, and it doesnt seem like you would want a whole lot of extra effects to complicate things.