Gojira use D standard tuning and heavy distortion courtesy of the Peavey 6505/5150 amps they use; apart from that the signal is pretty dry if I remeber correctly.
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Ive got an Ibanez RG 120 and a Roland Micro Cube Amp
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Well, the microcube doesn't work particually well with distortion pedals etc; until you get a better amp, i'd just downtune your guitar and use the recto setting for the distortion; you could get an EQ if you wanted a bit more control, the Danelectro fish n' chips is held in high regard
Im not to familiar with the amp; I just bought it. What is the recto setting?
*Checks my microcube* - By recto I meant the R-Fier model, which is the heaviest dist it'll give you. The eq can give you more control than the single tone knob; the microcube is bloody good as a practice amp, but it's best not to start using other things with it