right i've had my electric guitar for a good couple of months now and have started learning barre chords thats when i noticed the strings buzz terribly. at first i though ok its just me learning new stuff and need to strengthen my fingers but as times gone on its really been bugging me and now i've noticed its started buzzing when i play normal chords as well.
its like they are vibrating off the fret markers and just won't stop!
i've tryed re tuning the strings a number of times and they are all in tune, i don't know what else to do so ...
is it me or the guitar!
has anyone else had this happen to them?
it could be you i suppose does it do it when you play individual strings of the normal chords or not
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you may need to raise the action on the neck(the distance between the strings and the frets.

but first strum each string and go up the frets as you do, and try to find any places were the strings are buzzing, the frets may be slightly raised, or you may just need to raise the action.

if you find lots of buzzing whilst playing bar chords, then its most likley that you arnt pulling all your fingers off at the same time, i had this problem when i first learnt them too
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Get a new pair of strings? Or try raising your bridge.

you get strings in pairs?

anyway, you probably need to raise the action/bridge.

ask an experianced guitarist to play it and see if it is you or the guitar.

ask one of your friends or take it to a music shop to have it properly setup if need be.
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yep every string and every fret from 12th down to 1

what, are they clear, or do they all buzz?

if they all buz, raise the action, if that doesnt help, youve got a bigger problem and you should ask for it to be checked out in a guitar shop.
how do i do that? and just another quick question, they are actually humanly possible barre chords right!
for me to tall you how to raise the action, i need to know what guityar you have, theres differnet ways of raising it depending on what bridge it has
what model? electirc or acoustic, i need all the details

EDIT: you know, if you want help, your gonna have to tell me what guitar you have, or atleast what bridge it has
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see the tiny screws, on top of the rectangle metal rests holding the strings? you need to twist them individually, but only the SAME amount of turns in the SAME direction. you obviosly want to turn them aso that the little metal rest holding the strings raises. try half turns or 360 turns until you get the action so that there is no longer any buzz
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do you think you can do that? if you dont you must go to a shop.

let me know how you get on.

remeber, you dont want your action mega high, so if it means no buzzing means that you action is to high, then go to a shop, because it may mean that your neck is set at a funny angle, DO NOT atempt to change this yourself.
ahhh, now is it possible that i could screw up my guitar by doing this? its it better to take it into a shop and get it done professionally?
(i don't want to be left guitarless!!)
it is by all means doable by yourself, unless you dont know what a a screw is or you dont have any fingers,

but also, dont hesitate to take it to a shop if you are unsure.

if you want more help i can talk you through doing it if you like?

edit: also, have you taken a look at the fret buzz elimination thread in this same forum?

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thanks, i don't think i have the tool to do it with though, they are little round whole things, and i really don't want to risk it if theres the slightest chance i might be guitarless for even a day, gonna have to take it to a shop. thanks for all the help , now know what i need to do!! and for the link to the thred!
kk cool, cya for now.

btw, you needed an Alen Key for the little screws, a haxagon tiped scredriver.