Cool song man. It sounds like you really know what you're doing with all synths and midi instruments. There's not much I can say, it progressed well and wasn't to repetitive. Vocals would really complete the song though. It was really good keep it up.
Hey, this is really good stuff Interesting and like was previously said doesnt get repetitive at all.

It makes me feel like strutting hahaha
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i like the effects and the beat. Sounds really trippy. Unlike the people above, it did kind of get repetitive in the middle. But thats just me. Overall I really like it especially the intro. keep it up
sounds like its out there. it takes you on a adventure if you close your eyes, nice stuff. i like it and i dont think it needs lyrics its better trippy like that.

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Sounded pretty good. I liked the wah solo, but alot of the rest of the song seemed like a backing for vocals or a melody. Adding vocals would deffinatly complete the song. One thing that I think would really sound cool with this track would be to get some African drums going in the background, and maybe even have a drum solo.

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As i'm listening:

The intro sounds nice. It is refreshing to hear some synths rather than just guitars all the time. They sound really neat, nice groove and feel. Excellent quality recording.

I think this song is grooving along very nicely. Everything fits together nicely, the song progresses well, but there's not really any melody. Now the wah solo is in. Very well played, good licks...they flow nicely. It is quite long though.

I thought this song was very nice, but to me it kind of just sounds like background music and would be hard to hold my attention all the way through. It holds the same sort of vibe throughout the whole song. It is a very very nice vibe however, but 4 and half minutes of that is hard to fully listen to especially since its an instrumental. This is really just my opinion though and would differ for each listener.
IT sounds sick man!
Reminds me of radiohead+annathallo+the strokes.
I enjoyed it a lot! Vocals would make this amazing.
You should find an artist that could do this justice. You'd make a GREAT producer.
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Haha pretty cool stuff man, definately digging the wah solo. It really reminds me of a skate video entitled "Yea Right" fopr some reason. Dont know if youve ever seen it but it definately has that kind of feel to it

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im definitely liking your stuff, it's chill, different, and doesn't get boring. hard to come across that mix these days. keep it up
Sounds pretty cool,lots of layers of sound.It got a very danceable kinda groove to it.I really liked the delayed feedback sound.My favorite song you got posted is Suspension of Disbelief,you're very good at creating an interesting atmosphere.