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You could always just sleep beside your refrigerator.

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Wow man learn to type so people can understand what you're saying easier. Anyway, it kinda varies, but with a Floyd Rose guitars can stay in tune for a very long time.
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Don't be morons guys, maybe English isn't his first language besides it isn't difficult to understand what he's asking

A Floyd Rose without a locking nut defeats the purpose and your guitar will go out of tune quickly because of the large range of dive bombs and pull ups that can be achieved on a Floyd as opposed to a normal bridge. Get the neck routed for a Floyd nut otherwise it'll be a nightmare and no I don't think locking tuners are a suitable alternative.
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my guitar stays in tune for days and days but its an epiphone les paul with a tune-o-matic, no trem to knock it out of tune.
Thank you please.