currently i own a westfield E1000 (extremely cheap £100 strat copy) and a roland cube.

I am looking to upgrade my guitar for one which will last me a long time, with good quality sound and suitable for gigs.

My budget is limited to about £400 ($800 i think, but dont rely on me for that.)

I play a huge variety of music, so this guitar will need to handle clean, overdrive and distortion well. (i love my clean tone)

I do not want to get a strat, les paul, or SG.

So far i have though of getting a telecaster, but i do not know much about the quality and price of other brands.

Enlighten me with your suggestions.
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yeah ibanez s series should be fine
maybe the S470
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Godin freeway floyd, ive got one and its the most versitile guitar ive ever used. before u get anything else atleast give it a try
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okay thanks.

im making a list of things to try at guitar shop.

also tell me what model.
no point saying "get tele" or "get an ibanez" or whatever

anything else i should add?

the ibanez arx serires is pretty good, and they dont have a floyd.
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i have a 400 dollar ibanez that destroys my esp mustaine. ibanez is your best bet.
If you take it with you to a lot of places don't get a crazy shape as it'll be a pain in the arse for you. I even prefer carrying a heavy as hell Les Paul than an odd shaped guitar which is lighter, so I'd keep that in mind.

Try out a Jackson DK2M. It has 24 frets, a super fast neck in maple (looks awesome!), comes with Seymour Duncans and has an alder body. On the bad side of things, it's got a floyd and I don't know if you can be bothered with that.

Here's a link: Jackson DK2M
I second that the S470 is good. Brad Nowell used one (Great clean tone from Sublime). And Herman Li (shred from DragonForce)

Schecter C-1 Classic is amazing too.
Get an American made Tele. They're around $800 i think, and they play great.
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^ unfortunately in the UK, they're more like £800

i like blade teles and strats, they're around the £350 mark.

tokai japanese copies (make sure it's japanese... there are some korean and chinese tokais too which aren't as good) of strats and teles are very nice too... much nicer than similarly-priced fenders, in my opinion (but very vintage in feel).

my only concern is if you play a really wide variety of music... a tele with cope up to hard rock, but if you truly play everything, it'd make more sense to get something with humbuckers, or a mixture of hums and single coils.

washburn x50 pro is always a good bet.

godins are nice too, as mentioned above. not sure if i'd bother with a floyd though, i'm not sure how good their licenced floyd is, and i'd rather have no floyd than a crap one. godin have several models around the £300-£400 mark.

yamaha pacificas are nice too, the 812 is probably a little over budget, but a nice guitar.

bunch of options, really...
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