i've been playing electric and now want to try my hand at acoustic is there any major differences apart from the sound?
are the chords and scales the same or do i need to start from the beginning again? and maybe its a stupid question but can you play an electric acoustic without the amp?
Notes are harder to finger but chords and scales remain the same [It's the same instrument numbnuts!] and you do NOT need an amp to play an electro acoustic acousticly.

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As far as I know, its the same.
I don't know much about scales but I would assume they wouldn't be any different

And yes.. yes you can play an acoustic electric without an amp.
Its an acoustic guitar, with a plug in basicly.
you can play an electric acoustic without an amp, well most of them.
The chords, and scales and everything are the same.
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the major difference's are that the body is bigger, and the strings are usually higher gauge and are set at a higher action, so it's harder on your fingers. chords and scales are all the same, but open chords usually sound better than power chords on an acoustic. Yes you can play an electro-acoustic without an amp.
basically the same except diffrent style of playing
like most songs played electrically wont sound as good played acoustically
so you will most likely have to learn new songs derived more towards acoustic
alot more chords to=P
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You don't need to relearn guitar, but acoustics play a bit different to electrics, but getting to know the instrument is the fun bit.