hey i was looking to buy an epiphone LP and im seeing in the descriptions that the tuners were upgraded from the green gibson kluson to grovers. when i went to research this a little more i'm finding that people are not fans of the klusons but seem to like the grovers. if this is the case then why would epiphone the supposedly "worse" version of gibson have tuners thats are better? could somebody clarify which tuners they think are actually better (with some reasons)
thanks...wanna explain how they are better or actually confirm if they are better.
They tune about the same really, Grovers just feel alot sturdier to me. Also on my les paul it came with klusons and I had a problem with the high e string slipping out of the shaft but after I changed to grovers I haven't had that problem. I think gibson uses them on most guitars because they kinda have a vintage look to them which is what gibson is looking for.