What are some solid top cutaway guitars you guys could recommend priced around $300-500?
Yamaha RGX 520FZ
Squier Affinitys Strat (customized!)
Johnson 620 Player Acoustic

Boss HM3 hyper metal
Boss CH1 super chorus
Zoom G1X

Peavey Valveking Royal 8
New: Peavey JSX Mini Collosal
Dipping into 3rd party knowledge here (what I've only recently learned), Yamaha APX 500 might be a decent one Comes in at 300e here, which is some $450 I guess.
I've got a faith Saturn, which I would recommend, Faith is a British Company, guitar might be closer to $700 but its worth spending a bit more for what you get.

Its Solid front, back and Sides, Has a cut away. Has a shadow pick up and preamp which has more knobs and buttons than I know what to do with. Made from nice materials, body is mahogany and spruce, neck is mahogany and finger board is ebony. All handcrafted, bargain for the price.

Heres a link, http://www.faithguitars.com/productdetails.aspx?GUID=69849554-b104-4947-916b-19fd5de70a1d

Theres a phone number on the front page to order them from Belgium