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The long winter has driven me a little crazy and rebuilding my old beater axe for my son got me hooked on finer wood-working. Awhile ago I came up with a design for a ridiculous V and decided to go forward and build it.

Goals were to experience body gluing, custom inlays, and working with a fixed bridge guitar. I had an old Warlock lying around and decided to build using a section of its body, the neck, and most of the hardware since most of it was in good shape.

Body separated from its hardware and neck, measurements being taken and final plans revised.

Wife had the camera while I was gluing, so no obligatory drying-body-in-clamps picture. It went pretty well for my first time gluing. I used a bench sander to straighten the joint edges but I wish I would have had my jack plane and tried that to see which is easier.

Here's after planing one side and cutting the rough shape.

I drilled the inlays out of the neck (cheap plastic dots) and prepared to knock the 2nd fret out for replacement (fret is out now, I just have to order some wire.)

And here it is, my final plan.

I used an awl to scratch the design in over a light dusting of paint.
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Body rough cut using an ancient scroll saw.

Paint removed and some rough edge sanding complete, I pencilied in the rough design for giggles.

One of my new favorite toys.

Beginning to level and shape the edges.

Rough edging complete, sanded it out a bit.

My other favorite toy, a Dremel tool with the side cutting kit. I'm hoping to use this with a much smaller bit to rough in the neck inlays.
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I progressively deepened the cuts on each set of feathers so the outer ones will sit lower then the inner set (this picture has only the first couple of cuts.)

Then I began shaping them using a set of rasps and sandpaper.

Next comes the back, I have a large bevel cut into the wing crotch and both sides will share the same edge beveling.

I finished the right side, then cut a 3mm bevel all around (rasp again) and made templates for the left side.

I then applied the same edge shape and marked the wing channels.

I'll skip the rest of the pictures, I applied the same techniques as I did on the finished side. Here's how it sits now.

I also removed the bevel from the neck pocket so there is zero neck angle (I hate playing on guitars with negative neck angles) and will be recessing the bridge to compensate.

I have quite a bit to do still, but I'm not in any rush. Here's the list:

- Finish beveling left side
- Remove all rasp marks, fill defects and do final sanding
- Cut control pocket, place controls
- Replace 2nd fret, figure out and install new inlays
- Refinish the neck's clear coat (I'm going to try something low gloss so it isn't so sticky)
- Recess bridge
- Paint
- Create painted pickup covers

It's been pretty fun so far although the wife isn't looking forward to this one hanging off the dining room wall.

The next instrument I build will definatly be a complete ground-up project though, using the center section out of the Warlock was more of a pain then I though. It would have been much easier doing measurements and creating templates if I had started with a solid chunk of wood. I need to buy a router before that happens though.

Oh, and here's the mock-up I started with.
Dude this looks awesome, keep up the good work.
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....THAT is the coolest **** I have EVER seen on UG.
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Whoa, that is GREAT.

The wings look awesome - you should have done some giant eagle or something.

But yeah, best guitar I've seen!
Sunn O))):
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This is a sweet build. Love the wings. The paint job's not my taste really, but its a cool shape.
I'm not a huge fan of the idea, but the work is amazing...

the wings look great, and i like the headstock also....

looks great

good job
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Im sure many a Ninty fan would pay through the teeth for something like this.
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dude, maddd props, looks godlike

wish i could shake your hand...

::e-shakes hand::
i like the semi finished strat in the background of a couple of picks but that one your making is ****ing amazing
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Those wings are gaw dropping, Are you gonna carve the whole thing?

I don't think I'm going to do much more aside from finishing the left bevel. The wife is still trying to convince me I should go with a solid paint job rather then adding the Goomba face.

If I go the face route I do have to worry about the design breaking up when looking the instrument from the side so she has begun to sow the seeds of doubt.

Thanks for all the positive feedback though, my friends and family usually give me the old rolling eyes act when they see the plans.
i think the wings would look odd on a solid colour, unless it was like black with white wings or something similar.
Either way, it will be pretty epic
I think epic is the right word to describe this thread.
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this looks absolutly fantastic, you've (almost) pulled off something that seemed abit meh on paper to something i actually love, and not for its paragoomba stylings lol
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That's actually a lot cooler than I expected. Good job, everything is coming out great.

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Mad props for doing the entire bevel with just a rasp and file. That must have taken a while. And good job doing such a great job on it.

I know that on my second build, I tried using a rasp to cut a small bevel. Unfortunately, it didnt turn out as nice as yours has.
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wow very nice with the wood carving, that could not have been easy. just curious, how many hours do you have in thus far?
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That's crazily awesome!
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you are my hero
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That is insanely awesome.

Great wood work too.
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