So, my local Beanscene has stopped it's Open Mic Nights, my band's too young to be playing in pubs (we're both 15) and we only have one local venue, which only does one accoustic nigh every month or so.

Thing is, we want to be playing more than once a month if possible, even if we do a larger gig sometimes in the summer or something. We have the idea of trying to get onto one of the stages at a (fairly busy) local charity picnic thing, but we've been told the only other thing we can really do is organize a gig ourselves.

So, great people of UG, where do you guys think we should start, how much should we charge for tickets, what venues should we be looking at, and how many bands should we book....just any advice you guys can give would be superb!

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First off, you can't really charge people to come to your no-name band if you want to have a draw. You have to get a steady following first. Which is tough, because people often have other things to do. However, you're at the right age to start this. I would start at backyard parties or coffee shops. You can put fliers up at your high school. Most times you won't get paid, but it's good exposer and if you're good, word travels quick. I've grabbed my acoustic and just went to parks and played before. Before I knew it I had 5 or so people on the grass listening. It's just like that.

If you want to make some cash, make a tip jar. It helps wonders. Also, you're going to want to throw in some covers. And not a whole bunch of old tunes. Get some newer alternative stuff in there. If you want ideas just say so. Chick getters are great.

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Coffee shops for free, and go for tips (or sell cds if you got em.)

Its pretty good if you get a good timeslot.
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thats the thing though, the only coffee shop tht did live music has stopped it...thats why im asking...
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Um, you're not too young to play in pubs really, last year i played in pubs when i was 15. I live in a fairly rural area though, so that helps i think. Anyway, give it a shot in pubs, seriously, most pubs in the country really aren't bothered about letting underage folk play. If you live in a city, then you're screwed on that front.
Personally i'm a typical musician in that i can't organise for ****, so i wouldn't be able to hold my own gig if i tried. I hope you have more luck though. Failing all that though, look for local promoters, there must be some out there...