I take a break from my time off UG to ask a question.

I play in a thrash metal band that will hopefully have gigs in the near future. I also have an Esp with (fake) emg hz's, and a digitech rp80. Not the best set up I know. Currently I have a spider 3 15, I've got a nice sound, but its too buzzy and fizzy. I also want a wamer amp. I want a bright sound but warmer and more natural sounding than my current setup. So I came across these:

Are http://www.musiciansfriend.com/compare?base_pid=480336&base_pid=481143&base_pid=481689&base_pid=480335&base_pid=481686 (without effects) those amps any good? Who has played them, and which model? Does anyone know the difference between the regular and plus series? Are these amps loud enough to gig? Which model should I get? Are there anyother amp suggestions (under $700)?

Please dont bag on my setup.

Thankyou all so much.

EDIT: I play leads in my band, and I need a smooth buttery lead capability. Can this amp handle it?
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i played and bought the g3 head. i love the crunch i get from it.
it should sound good for what you're wanting to do
I have a RG75D G3 amp. It is AMAZING. The tone I get out of it is good enough with no need for any pedals. The effects are a bit too much, I only use the reverb and chorus. The clean channel is nice, the 2 overdrive channels are good, one for heavy metal, one for rock if you turn the gain down.

Go for it
I dont trust digital effects after my Spider and digitech experiances, so im opting out of them.
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I own a randall rg 200 and yes it screams. i am also a rythem guitarist in a band and do small gigs and its got pleanty enough power for me, a little bit on the bassy side i tend to turn teh bass down a little, and i use a boss cs-3 pedal for some screaming soloing now and then... i love the overdrive channel, great for that classic raw metal of the 70's... clean channel is pretty clear too. i barely get any feedback outta this thing except when i use the compression and thats because im in a small room most of the time... the garage works against my lovely tones lol.... i would get the one without the effects, you can always get a pedal board later on...
also did i mention its a hybrid amp? yes it has a tube... lovely i would recommend getting it.
ALSO: i just got this months musicans friend catalog and was reading that line 6 has also come out with a hybrid series of amps, dont know to much about it but you might want to check into that as well... hope this helps...
Randall makes the best solid state amps. They are far ahead of the competition. Ive played the specific amp you are talking about, and it is great. I say go for it!
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i dunno, but earlyer, quoting what "thedude051" had said...
yea its a hybrid amp tho, it has a valve dynamic power section, ...12AT7 preamp tube which drives the first 2 stages of this new power circuit...
I think a hybrid would be cool. The brightness of a SS with the warmth of a tube.
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