Alright heres my situation.

I am looking to step up from a solid state to tubes. I love to play blues, classic rock, Christian, (some punk, metal, etc. but only practice so not a priority). So pretty much a good all around amp. Pretty demanding I know.
I would mostly just use this for practice, but possibly gigs but I would probably mic it, so like 30 W.
I dont know how much I'm willing to spend, not a lot. Lets say.... less than 500? Just put some good ones out there that are less or around that and I'll figure it out.

I just bought myself a mesa/boogie dc-5 head. 50 watts, all tube. they only run 400-600 used, very nice amp. the b-52 at 112 is 60 watts combo, all tube, its okay, definitely a good starter tube amp.
fight the power that be
I've read that the Fender Blues Junior is good.
What about Crate 18 or 33?
any others?
crate palamino stuff is okay, just cheaply made and i really only think the clean tone is good at best.
fight the power that be
Seriously, give the Epiphone Valve Standard and the Blues Custom a try. Very creamy, very vintage voiced. The Blues Custom runs about 500 bucks new, and the Valve Standard runs about 300 new.