what do you guys think of them? the only person i know that uses them is Peter Joseph from The Absence. Anyone famous you know use them? And how much do they usely cost in America, New Jersey specifically?

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James Murphy uses them lately.

Beyond that, I have nothing to contribute.
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I think Killswitch Engage uses/did use them. I could be wrong though.

EDIT: Cost, you ask? Expensive. Very. Very. Expensive. You could try going used and eBaying them.

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where I live, a Framus Cobra is about 500$ cheaper than a Dual Recto

And yeah, they are full of win and awesomeness.
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idk man but Jersey for the win!
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yeah they nice. killswitch uses the hell out of them, im quite sure they are on the new album. it sounds like adam uses them on a lot of the other bands he produces, its like his signature sound. I feel like you could spend 1/2 of what they cost and get a high gain amp you would be really happy with
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where I live, a Framus Cobra is about 500$ cheaper than a Dual Recto

And yeah, they are full of win and awesomeness.

oh wow. i dont know if this is a good or bad thing, im sure they are both terribly overpriced though (?) dual recs aren't even worth the money they cost in america, let alone for you.
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^Pertaining to dual recs being worth the money--that's your personal opinion. They are very well made amplifiers, so frankly a $1600ish (i think they raised it a little) price tag isn't too bad. The only other qualm you can have is tone, which is personal preference.

The cobra will run around 2300-2500 new USD. HOWEVER, the construction on it is pretty poor--the parts in it are quite low quality for an amp of that price, unless you get one of the early models.

Also,I've never seen a $1200 amp that can compete with high quality boutique ones.