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In response to Wendy Cope's "Bloody Men"

You can't expect to come on board
And direct the bloody thing;
There's a destination on the sign
And a timetable you should read.

We'll reach first kiss at three hours
First shag might be just four.
Or maybe there'll be roadworks
With traffic jams galore.

The crossroads conversation
Should come up in several months
But that road is known for potholes
So please strap in at once.

Don't blame me if I break down
You saw the bus arrive;
It's current state was obvious -
Struggling to survive.

You only need to read the numbers
To know each buses bearing;
Though any one would turn around
If you seemed far more caring.

So yes, it might take some time
And there may be more than one;
But even if it drops you short
Won't the journey have been fun?

I Sold my freedom to the Devil
Close your eyes, and shed a tear
the man he speaks with golden ears,
His arsenic in breath sedates your fear.
He's lost this match, or so it appears

I sold my soul to God once,
Not once did a miracle occur,
I remember Having faith it will happen
then waiting, then hoping, until hope was obscure,

I sold my body to a peasant once,
Good price also, as corrupt as it may seem,
It fed my children, and my wife too,
though she doesn't live with us any longer

And yes, I have met the devil, spoken to him too,
he's not as bad as he seems, shameless none the least
happy with his life and the things that he breathes,
So i figured I'd just sell my Freedom, to his kind of breed.

One gold, for the truth, another for the faith,
one for my hopes (though most gone by then)
One piece for my Children, another for my wife (she'd find her place there by now)
And then here comes the boundaries,

But now, with the one thing I still have,
I wonders whats left of me.
Last edited by thefoundationof at Apr 27, 2008,
The rhymes in pink seem forced, green seems better suited to become a song.
On the eight day we spoke back...

let there be sound.
The rhyming in pink was off, some words only had rhyming vowel sounds and thats something I consider amateur, but it flowed with much deeper emotion so it was a hard decision. Green was more clever and, though I hesitate to use the word, professional, so I gotta go with that.
The pinks rhyme scheme was off but I preferred the ideas. I think that with some work it could be really good.
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