ok, I am working on Rush's Far Cry and I need to know how to isolate the bass track. I have the tabs but I can't figure out how exactly to play it. I am lost. Maybe if there's like a free program or if some one has a recording of the bass line by itself, idk.
try to find a guitar pro version of the tabs.. (or powertab) these play a midi'ized version of the tune while showing you the tab at the same time. you can also mute the other tracks if you need to.

you'll be hard pressed to find a program that will isolate specifically the bass (or any instrument) in a song.
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it is very difficult to isolate a single instrument after its been mixed down, you need to go into frequencies and it takes so long and you need so much patience its not worth it.
do as said above and get a midi bases tab programme and see if you can find it that way.
i see theres a free trial on the guitar-pro website too, maybe give that a try, i dont know if it limits how many bars you can use though.
Jesus... what more can people do for you ? If there's no tabs, then its unlucky.

You could try and program the bass yourself in a sequencing program ? How difficult is the bass in the song you want ?
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This is an export of the bass line of the only GuitarPro tab on this site with the bassline.
I don't know how correct it is, but it's something.


Remember to go to view>Bass Score in Powertab to see the bass line, the guitar line will be blank.