I've learned the major chords so far, their minors, etc. but don't know what to do next. Some advice would be appreciated.
Learn the major and minor scale to start off. It will definitely help.
While looking at a guitar magazine with some friends.

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cool man, anywhere I can get that?

I should also point out I am planning on taking lessons, but not yet as I need to get some cash.
lessons are good, scales are good. googling "guitar lessons" or "online guitar lessons" is good. try the same searches with youtube. start learning songs from tabs on UG, etc.
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Aside from learning scales, i'd advise you learn a few hand/finger exercises on the guitar. They're awesome for warming up and can help build up your stamina and dexterity
If you guys could provide some links for some scales and stuff that would be good.
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>Pentatonic Minor
>Pentatonic Minor

Always lean the scale using the pattern that has the first note as the root note, i.e the first note of C Major should be C, and that is pattern 8 on that site.

was one of those supposed to pentatonic major? Where should it go in relation to the others?
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was one of those supposed to pentatonic major? Where should it go in relation to the others?

Oh dear. The typo of the century. Yes, one of those was supposed to be pentatonic major. If you're looking for an order to learn them in, then:-

Pentatonic Minor
Pentatonic Major