hey i'm just wondering i'm gonna get a 100 watt dual reverb jcm 900, most likely was thinking about getting a attenuator
it has a power switch down to 50 but i'll most likely still need one
now is this one any good?
i really don't need any options but just lower the volume
also would a volume pedal do the same thing?
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no volume pedal cant do that...

get a weber mass attenuator


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The "Volume Box" won't work, it's basically a master volume. No attenuating done there.

Weber makes good attenuators, at least from what I've heard.
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You get what you pay for. If you're going to attenuate, get a real attenuator. Better, yet, get a load box/attenuator & a separate power amp. No tone loss that way.
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Like everyone else mentioned, just get an attenuator. A volume pedal in the loop is only going to act as a master volume. All you would be doing would be regulating preamp volume, which isn't how an attenuator is hooked up or works.