Looking for anything with a floyd rose. I'm in need of a backup guitar.

I'll except any type of super strats, bc rich gunslingers, mockingbirds, ironbirds, and st's. no other types of BC Richs. rhoads v's, normal v's, Ibanez RG or JEMs, any star shapes including Kramers and Charvels. voyagers,

I'm can go up to 500, OR, a trade for my Ebony Gibson SG Standard 2004. If the guitar is inadequate i will except a trade plus cash.

US only.

email me at nolan_b93@sbcglobal.net
Well im also selling a jackson kelly KE3 but i think it would be out of your price range. Im looking for about 600 maybe a little more due to the oversize + weight from the hardshell case. It is the old model but i have installed an emg-81 at the bridge and modded it to include not only a volume but a tone knob. It also includes a jackson molded hardshell case which i beleive can now only be found if you buy a KE2. Here is a pic if you are interested.
Jackson DX10?
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Schecter Damien FR w/ gold trem? $350 + shipping.
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I like the title, WTB anything haha, Im selling a Dean Razorback for around 350 400 its pretty much brand new.