Not sure if this belongs here, but...

Hi everyone!

I have been hosting some jam sessions/ open mikes on Friday nights for the past few weeks, and have finally decided to teach my band (my girlfriend on drums and my brothers on fiddle and 2nd guitar/bass) some brad paisley songs.

Problem is I've never been able to really nail his tone. I love his guitar playing, and jam on just stuff all the time, but since I never actually attempted to cover anything, it didn't seem all that important.

So, with a Fender Hot Rod Delux, a tele, a ibanez analog delay, Ts9 and a Boss Cs-3 compressor, what settings on the pedals/amp would you suggest for the Little Moments/Alcohol type stuff, which I see as *similar*, and She's Everything, which is more blues rock.

He has a Signature Dr. Z tones amp, which he designed in conjuction with the company, so you may want to invest in a few bucks for it. It's what creates his unique tone as well as the use of his signature Crook Custom (google it) telecaster with G-bender.
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Looks like he likes AC30's and Dr. Z's.
And I thought it was rumored that he owned a Trainwreck.

But, colin's link will do it all for you.
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