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My friend wants to start playing bass, and it will be his first instrument ever.
I don't know how long he can stretch but I don't think more than about 2500 Swedish crowns (a bit over 400 dollars I guess) but probably around 1500, 2000, I dunno, we haven't talked that much, so I might edit this when I get further details.

He listens to reggae, pretty much only, so that's what he is gonna play (he might end up playing some Red Hot Chili Peppers with me on guitar), but it's the "reggae sound" he's after. He will be playing along with bongos and (me on) acoustic guitar, no gigging.

He said that he wants an acoustic bass because he thinks it looks cooler (not the kind of bass that you have to stand next to, but a one that looks like a normal acoustic guitar, if you know what I mean), and also because he can take it with him if we are out camping or whatever, just sitting outside the tent or something. But I've heard that those kinds of acoustic basses are not worth the effort of buying, because they sound weak and **** like that.

So should he go with acoustic or electric? And how many watts will his amp require if he buys electric?

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the one you stand net to is called an upright or double bass

and if you want a good acoustic bass i for get jsut what their called but the only good ones are thunderchief or something like that i dont kno (im probably way off)

and you should go with electric anyways...$400 could get you a MIM fender bass of your choosing......but a precision isnt all to raggae so i would go with a jazz bass

and an amp if your not gigging or playing with drums you could probably get away wiht like 25-50 W

but for a full band sitiation you need 100W at the very minimum.....stay away from behringer amps too at all costs, doesnt matter how good they sound they suck somethin fierce

when Moses brought down the plagues upon Egypt one of them involved Behringer amps

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I'm afraid he will have to pay much more then 400$ for a good acoustic bass, but I don't have alot of effort with those.

Anyway, my recommendation is a Squier starter pack, or a Squier VM Jazz\precision bass.
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Okay, well so what's wrong with a 100 euro acoustic bass?
And note: he will be playing along with acoustic guitar and bongo drums so there will be no loud volumes at all.
I talked with him like now, and it seems like he don't wanna spend all that very much on the bass because he don't know how interested he will be in learning this (since he haven't tried to learn an instrument before), but maybe I can get him on other thoughts when we are finally in the shop there
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