I might see this show in about a week near me. I have a busy week so its pending. I really like Death Angel and would go just to see them. How is God Forbid? I havent heard them but know of them. If anyone has seen this show please share.
God Forbid are one of my favorite metalcore bands. If you don't like the -core genres, then that might not mean anything to you.
Death Angel are a great live band. i don't know about god forbid, but i know in sacramento death angel, god forbid, and arsis are all playing together. That makes me really want to go cause arsis rules.

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God Forbid are awesome metal/metalcore.
'Thine Eyes Bleed':

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Damn you going to see Death Angel. God Forbid aint my thing, but I hear they put on a great show, that singer they have is huge, hes like a chocolate bulldozer or something.
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