What products are there on the market at the moment that are good for recording what I play?
I know Line 6 do some cool devices that allow you to play through your laptop and record but is there anything that lets you just play and record just like if you were plugged into a guitar tuner?

What exactly do you want to capture? Your clean playing, your amp's output, or to use software amps and plugins to create your own tone?
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Recording Guitar Amps 101
If ya wanna go cheap and just record yourself playing, download Audacity(freeware) and get a cheap computer mic. Audacity isn't professional, but you can adjust the bitrate of what you record, modify your sound with a palette of effects and tweak them, record multiple channels,etc.
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Something that will play my amps output or has like an equaliser in it so I can re-create the sound of an amp