Hey, I was thinking about building a guitar from scratch, but then I got to thinking about just buying a "junker" and changing the pickups, re-painting, and what not.

Is there an advantage/disadvantage to either of these?

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So..buying a not-so-good guitar and just changing pickups and painting it is a good idea, if you can find one with good wood? What exactly would an example of a "good wood" be? :P

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Yamaha FGX720SCA
Mahogany, Nato, Swamp Ash, Aldar(some, the quality of aldar varies), basswood.

Basically anything but agathis or hardwood(aka plywood)
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:P I figured plywood would be a no no considering..plywood is good for nothing besides being made fun of from the other woods.
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Ah, you're amazing. So, for the Les Paul, all I'd have to do is change the pickups, and paint it? Or should I make a tremelol change as well..
My Gear:
Yamaha FGX720SCA