do i send in a copy of the demo? or the protools sessions? or do i have to write out the music?
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You write out the music, I think.
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heres a cheeky wee tip i learned at college to copywrite your **** for free.
put a copy of your demo and all your lyrics in an envelope and mail it to yourself, never open it then if anyone ever steals your tunes you have a date marked un-tampered with stamped envelope to take to mr judge and mrs jury with your stuff in it.
Yeah, that won't hold up in court. You might be able to use it against the person who jacked your song, but it's not legally viable.
no. go to the library of congress website, all the info is there. you can mail in a sound recording if that is what youre looking to do.

oh yeah, dont mail it to yourself
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Mailing it to yourself could work, but it is far from idiot proof. If you want to go one step further, send it registered mail to yourself.

Otherwise, do a search for your local copyright office and go there. Bring a sound recording and the lyrics written out if you want to keep it simple. If you don't have a recording, you'll have to write it out in proper notation with rhythmic values and what-not too. The good news is, all you need is the words and melody. No guitar parts, no chords, no drum beats, no bass lines, etc. When it comes to defining a *song* in terms of copyright, nobody cares about any of the other stuff, for the most part.

What it comes down to is having undisputable proof that you owned such-and-such a song that goes like "lalalalalalala" on a certain date. The key is offering proof that is 'tight' enough to be compelling to a judge/jury, even in the face of high-priced major label entertainment lawyers.

We have the receipt for our duplication order on our CD's, which includes a track list and song lengths. Undisputable, maybe not entirely. But, how likely is it that our song, "Insert Title Here" clocking in at 3:27 on our CD that was duplicated in April of 2006 is not the same song as another one that we have called "Insert Title Here" also clocking in at 3:27? Pretty near impossible!! All I have to do is produce the CD that we produced on the date indicated on the receipt and it would be pretty unbelievable that anyone could legitamately suggest that the song we are suggesting ours is actually different than the one we duplicated on that date.

We also have a copy in the Heritage Canada Library and Archives. How reasonable is it that somebody there swapped out the CD that we registered there on such-and-such a date for another one with different songs, but the same titles and lengths? Not very.

We've registered our songs with SOCAN. (Canada's answer to ASCAP/BMI). We've submitted lyrics and track lengths. Should be reliable proof.

We have recordings made from the radio of when our songs have gotten played. Especially commercial radio, they have to keep a log of what they play and when. More reliable proof.

Each of these on their own is reasonably convincing. Taken together, it's pretty compelling. We've not formally copyrighted our material, but feel we have enough ammo to defend ourselves should the need arise.


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Otherwise, do a search for your local copyright office and go there.

we (US) dont have these
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Once you own a tangible copy (like a CD copy of the recorded song, sheet music, tabbed music, ANYTHING that is physical) of your work, you own a copyright.

Of course, you'd get more rights if you officially register it.
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we (US) dont have these

I think we do,

If not copyright offices I think certain lawyers specialize in copyrighting material .
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If not copyright offices I think certain lawyers specialize in copyrighting material .

which go through the library of congress
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