But I'm forking clueless when it comes to them.

Preferably less than $100 CDN. Right now I'm using a $3 mic from Wal Mart. I just need it to record ideas for songs and what not, but I'd really like something that doesn't compromise my tone in anyway.

So, name some, please?
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You won't get a new 57 for $100, but used is realistic.

Otherwise.... the Behringer dynamic mics apparently offer good bang for a really cheap buck.

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sm57 is $100 on musicians friend, but around 120 retail. its the most widely used cheap dynamic mic and works for anything pretty well. sm58 is that same with a ball windscreen that helps for singing and its 10$ more.
I'd have to say it depends on what you're doing. The SM57 IS very very good, but you need to make sure you don't need a condenser, for stuff like overhead drums etc etc.

Still gotta recommend the SM57.
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How are you recording? If you're plugging into your PC sound card, then it's not worth investing in an SM57. If you have a nice recorder or interface then yes go for it. It's good mic.
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