Here's a video of my band Palindrome doing the song My Heart by Paramore at our school. We did the live version, and we changed up the bridge and ending. Also we had to make due since we only have one guitarist.

The event is traditionally a quieter acoustic but we decided to do a more rocking song.

It was our first time playing as a band together in front of people, so there a few mistakes that we're all well aware of (such as the first verse). Also I know the bass isn't very loud. I just wanna know what people think, despite the minor mistakes I think we rocked it pretty good and hard.

So here it is-My Heart-Paramore
I'd like to think we kicked ass, as everyone told us we did. I was happy with it overall, and I fixed up that opening part on-the-spot so I don't think anyone really noticed. Hopefully you guys like it :]
like,,, 6/10
you guys were kind of sloppy, but itll tighten up the more you play together
good job
It's good cause not a ton of people knew the song, so the sloppiness didn't really go recognized
Heh Frank...As a drummer myself I saw that you were attempting to cover that bit at the start...very nice. Wasn't 100% tight but still sounded great though.
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Heh Frank...As a drummer myself I saw that you were attempting to cover that bit at the start...very nice. Wasn't 100% tight but still sounded great though.

Yeah bro I pretty much flowed through it.

Thanks a ton for taking notice :]

I didn't really have a plan for my band ****ING EVERYTHING UP!!!!!!

(lol omg jk jk jk)

But yeah it went really good, and I don't think anyone really noticed

Thanks bro!
what's with the lamp center stage?

Good job tho. Very good for a first show. A little sloppy at parts, but it had good energy.
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^Thanks, we all made a conscious effort to move around and stuff and not look bored, lol. The event was called Coffee House Night and its a generally laid back and mellow thing, hence the lamps,lol.
do "that's what you get" please ^_^
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Don't be afraid to change the key of the song so it suits the vocalist's range.

Does she sound good live? I'm thinking the recording quality kind of messes with her voice.

She was also a bit statue-like.
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1.Yeah great drumming!
2.Guitarist misplayed a lot of chords.
3.Bass cannot be herd (low frequencies are not picked up by normal cameras right?)
4.And she did better as the song went on (very common)
5.Performing was really good (specially the drummer and bassist rocking out a little)
7.Tell the guitarist (if thats is you.. well just make sure you do) to practice a lot those chords!!
The drumming was great and you guys coped well with the little mess up at the start. I don't think the singing was amazing, it seemed a bit shouty, but then that could have been the camera. But overall, good first gig.