i think i'm getting that guitar but where can i get the metallic silver since musiciansfriends and guitar center don't sell it? also is the neck on it fast? at least faster than the raptor exp plus? maybe you can give suggest me a descent site that sells it or some last minute comments before i make the decision
Maybe, just maybe, you can go and actually play the guitar before you buy it! :O Absurdity!
Um, i bought an ex 260 thinking id be slick and just upgrade the pickups to save a little cash and it made me almost throw up on myself. . . I seriously would suggest getting nothing less then a 400 in any series.
Electro Metal???

go to espguitars.com and look for a place that sells it close to you. Try it out first. Because even though I am a fan of ESP guitars, I did not like the F-250. And the floyd goes out of tune all the time.
GET IT NOW. Its the fastest neck I've ever played. I dont think that ESP actually makes a silver one, cause everywhere else its gold. I got the black one though, cause I dont like metallic colors.
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like someone else said, stay away from anything under the 400 series. really not worth the money.