never heard of them but is that a cover of bob dylans masters of war? if so i'll need to check that out.
how are there only 6 posts here? The Roots rock!
1. Open My Computer.
2. Open C:
3. Click on WINDOWS.
4. Open the folder "Media."
5. Click on the file "onestop."
6. Listen.
They're the ****, and they make Jimmy Fallon seem way better than he actually is.
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Jimmy Fallon is a mess, the only thing that saves his nervous ass is there awesome grooviness. Already seen them live 2 times, have tickets for the 19th
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
Amazing stuff.

I love them.
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Black Thought went to the university i go to.

i'm not a big fan of the Roots. i've listened to a few of their cds, and while i respect them i just don't really like them all that much.
the roots fall into the category of "good hip-hop".

fantastic stuff. Rising Down was fabulous.
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I have yet to get their new one, but if it's anywhere near as good as Things Fall Apart or Phrenology, then it should be worth a listen.

It sure is. I think it's better than Phrenology actually. Not quite as good as TFA perhaps, but definitely worth a listen.

Rising Up is my new favorite Roots song -- it took a decade for them to do something awesome enough to knock Act Too (love of my life) off the #1 spot but they did it.
my all time favorite roots song is aint sayin nuthin new, just soooo good.
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
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gotta make it to The Roots Picnic. must see them as the backing band for Public Enemy.
The Roots are one of the tightest bands working in the industry.
It's great that they got the gig for the Jimmy Fallen show, I never liked talk shows until they were the house band. They've definitely raised the bar for talk show bands.

Their bassist Owen Biddel is a member on the talkbass forums, he's a really nice guy.

Full live concerts. Hells yes. Endorsed by the Roots too by the looks of it.

I also saw them live, I would say it was probably one of my best concert experiences. Tied with Buddy Guy for my fav
Saw them last year, they did a free concert at carnegie mellon, somehow ended up in the front row. Never heard them before, but it was some of the only hip-hop I've ever really liked.
I'm seeing them live this week! I'm so pumped. I downloaded all their music a long time ago but never got into them, but i figured it would be a sick show so im going. I've been listening to them nonstop the last few days and im so excited.