I've seen Dream Theater live a few times now. I saw them September 2005 at Gigantour and Petrucci looked like he had all times previous (regarding his physique), then I saw them March 2006 from the front row at Massey Hall. In only six months he managed to vastly increase his physique, and from what I could tell it was all bulk, completely lacking in definition.

Is this guy on steroids? If so, GIVE IT UP YOU ****ING IDIOT.
^lol that's what it is
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Don't be silly.

Obviously, Petrucci is a mutant guitar-playing alien. He is now finishing puberty and his muscles are filling out.


yeah i read that on wikipedia.. its true.
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he blows who cares

no he doesn't
I don't like Dream Theater much but any idiot who has ever tried to pick up a guitar has to be able to respect how good he is.
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he blows who cares

haha a lot of ppl are gonna hate you my friend
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Don't be silly.

Obviously, Petrucci is a mutant guitar-playing alien. He is now finishing puberty and his muscles are filling out.


clearly the only true DT fan on the thread... TS how did you not know that?
yeah, i have noticed that he's gotten pretty buff recently...
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i remember reading on his forum once in the "questions for john" section someone asked asked something along the lines of "how did you get so buff?" the answer was something along the lines of "hitting the gym everyday. nobody likes a girly man!"
Pfft, he can lift weights while playing guitar and writing lyrics.
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Of course he's on steroids.

Finger steroids.

(Whoever gets the reference is an awesome person and a true DT fan.)

i've heard that absorbs them through this cup as well

crazy stuff

he looks so ridiculous though when he plays, he's so buff and his guitar's so high. the combination of the two makes for a funny picture.

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if you've seen any pictures of the most recent G3 jam petrucci makes gilbert look like a little anorexic schoolgirl. its quite funny seeing them stand next to each other. and then of course you have little ole bald satch.
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