I am looking to buy a guitar and amp. I have been playing for around 5 months and have a budget of $500-$600.

I am basically wondering if i should buy a good amp for around $300 and an okay guitar for around $300


buy an okay amp for around $150 and a good guitar for around $450-$500
99.9% of the time you should get a better amp before a better guitar. So you should go with your first option.

What guitar/amp do you currently have? Or do you have an acoustic?
Well i actually dont have anything. I've been playing with a friend whos teaching me so im not really a begineer either.

I was thinking of buying a fender pro junior. Is that any good?
get a guitar, if you have been playing for 5 months you really dont need either, but a guitar would help your playing

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YES DEAR God get a PRO JUNIOR!!! they own at bluesy stuff, all the way to classic rock! plus its a tube amp!! get it!
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Quote by lssd2012
Well i actually dont have anything. I've been playing with a friend whos teaching me so im not really a begineer either.

I was thinking of buying a fender pro junior. Is that any good?

I've played that amp, nice little tube amp. But if you want to get both a guitar and an amp, getting the Pro Jr. wouldn't leave much money left over for the guitar. Maybe instead, you could get the Peavey VK Royal 8? If you're just going to be practicing, 8W tube is more than enough. And it has the option to add more gain, so you wouldn't need any kind of pedal, like you might with the Jr. AND it has a headphone jack. AND AND AND it's almost $200 less than the Jr., so you'd have more left to buy a better guitar. Lol, I'm like a walking advertisement for the Royal 8.

As far as the guitar, it kind of depends on what you like to play. Blues, metal, jazz, punk...? But some decent, versatile guitars are a Fat Strat, or the Epiphone G-400. Can't really go wrong with either of those.

Good luck
If you don't need a lot of gain, the Pro Jr is good. Actually, a Valve Jr. is probably sufficient if you don't need a lot of volume. They VJ is pretty cheap which would also allow you to get a pretty good amp as well. If you don't like it because of the lack of EQ, buy a Danelectro Fish 'n Chips EQ, they're cheap but get the job done.
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fender super champ xd and a fender fat strat.

can get both for 600, need to get a used strat though
better guitar, tho with a ****tier amp you may not sound as good, and the tone will blow, at least youll be playing on something that feels nice and wont fall out of tune every 2 minutes.

i mean this is of course all meaningless if u already have a guitar you love to play. In that case..obviously the amp..
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Get the decent guitar first. Pick your amp later. i have a $250 humbucker guitar and an $800 humbucker guitar. Playing both through the same amp with the same settings gets very different results, not to mention the $250 feels like your playing a tree branch in comparison. All your feel and technique is going to come from the guitar not the amp. get the best you can. i'd go used on all of it with about $400 towards the guitar and $200 to the amp.
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what music do you play mainly? or do you play a wide selection of styles?
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Are you only looking to play/practice at home? If so, get a Roland Cube and a decent guitar to start out. If you already had some gear, I'd advise getting a new amp. Since you've got nothing, look into a Cube and try some guitars out at your local music shop.
Get a decent guitar. $300-ish should get you a decent guitar that will be high-enough quality to help your playing and last for a while.

At least, you'll have something decent to play on whenever you want.

What kind depends on what you want to play.

- That range will get you a good Epiphone solid-top acoustic (hummingbird,etc)

Blues, Classic Rock...
- Mexican Strats are good guitars that will last a long time

Hard Rock, Metal
- Ibanez and Schecter make decent guitars in that range

... and there are a lot of other recommendations about to keep in mind as well...
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