So i was at my local music store and the guy recomended me this guitar. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Washburn-DK20CET-Dreadnought-AcousticElectric-Guitar?sku=515191
it played nice and smooth and sounded great. So what has everyone heard about washburns, i mean im not into a whole lot of their electrics but i found their acoustics to be pretty nice. Has anyone heard anything bad about them? I plan on getting this next weekend assuming no ones heard anything bad about them.
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i have a washburn. it's a nice guitar, a different model than mine, but washburn is a good acoustic name. i'd get it
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guy i know in my music class has a lower end washburn acoustic, i rly dont like the sound of it.
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how much u looking to spend ? the people at sam ash told me to stay away from washburn .. n recommened me yamahas
Washburns in general are pretty competitive in the lower price ranges. The particular guitar that you linked to however is not worth getting.
Quote by tom183
Washburns in general are pretty competitive in the lower price ranges. The particular guitar that you linked to however is not worth getting.

I agree. See how it doesnt have a solid spruce top, it has a select spruce top. If it doesnt specifically say solid then its not a solid (most of the time anyway, in the low-mid end it DEFINITELY means laminate if it doesnt specifically state that its solid.) top, and laminate woods generally don't sound very good. This is especially true for the top. A guitar with laminate back and sides can still sound good but I've yet to play a guitar with a laminate top that sounds good.
I don't think you'll find much better than this at this price. I have a cheapo Washburn hollowbody electric that I LOVE! Laminated tops that sound good new should still sound good three years from now. Solid tops that sound good new will (usually) sound BETTER three years from now. My question would be "Why electrify?". The money you're spending on the electronics would be better spent on guitar quality.
tom and johnos have the right idea. this particular model isnt worth getting because it isnt made of solid wood. Unless the descriptions say "solid [insert type of wood here]", it's not worth getting.

wildyoda2 has the right idea about electronics. when you buy a guitar, at least $75+ or so will be going towards the electronics. SO... in this guitar, you pay $200, but only get about $125 or so worth of guitar. i would honestly just get a pure acoustic guitar without electronics at your price range.
Washburns are good acoustics in and around the $300-$400 range, but this guitar isn't solid top. Or solid anything for that matter, so no. It's not worth the money.

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