I have never
been so sparing
as broken boxes

Christmas decorations
littered as toxins,
sadder mock sins

Taste of a
twin bed
doubled over
in the basement

But arrows
sharpen, roads
narrow, heat

My hollow dance
hems a lawn,

My splinter fence
stings the dawn
It's good.

But I don't quite like how the stanzas make the thoughts seem as though they're totally seperate. If this was all one stanza (maybe two, with the current final two as one seperate one) I think it'd would better, as the thoughts seem related, just seperated.

Your line breaks are good, though. Usually short lines irritate the hell out of me unless they're to emphasize a certain word or whatever, but you managed it quite well.

I liked the metaphors, and the unusual descriptions.

I liked the mysteriousness of it too (****, that word really sucks). It reminded me of my poetry roots. I think, although the whole feel of it was really interesting, you could do with bringing some of the subject to life a bit more. You don't want the reader too disconnected, but still want a little cloudiness. (Well actually, I don't know what you want, so this may be useless to you).

Thanks for the post on mine.