Okay so for my completion of High School and for getting into Baylor with just short of 30 Grand in scholorships! W00t! well anywho he said that i am aloud to buy about a $500 guitar alittle more or less is fine, and about a 100 Dollor good amp so i have lots of choices in combonations and went to guitar center today and so far the guitar that caught my eyes the most was the Epiphone Les Paul Standard! and i just wanted some feed back about it. ALso what is a great amp with sustain that u would suggest.

Thanks in advance!!!
Take the $600 total and split it between the amp and guitar more wisely; you should spend more on the amp than the guitar as the amp makes up 90% of your tone.
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what music do you play?
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100 for a good amp???

sorry dude but your not gonna get much in the way of good with only 100 dollars.

and are you in america?
one word agile. they are made in the same jfactory as epi's at least they were. They are made with even better materials. and nothing matches there customer service. They are not famous but many people on this forum will tell you that a 500 dollar epi is like a 300 dollar agile. I would reccomend the agile 3100m CSB. I have the regular 3100 but the M version is even better. You can only buy them online though at rondomusic.com i would definitly reccomend it over an epiphone
I would get a good Agile and spend the rest on a good amp. $100 gets you nothing even near good.
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yah ive been playing for like almost 4 years now!
ya definitly go for the agile. go for the regular Al-3100 or the 3000(same thing other than the inlays) then spend the extra money on a half decent amp
Get an Epiphone Les Paul Custom with the closed humbuckers, but don't get the Standard. And 100 bucks won't get you an amazing amp mate..sorry.

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get the epi standard and an epiphone valve junior amp.

the LP standard is a great guitar. ive had mine for 2 years now and its still a solid guitar and stays well in tune with the grovers. and the valve junior is a cracking little amp for 99 bucks.
Thank you please.
im sure for for about $100 you could get a Roland and i've used them before they are amazing amps =] as for a $500 guitar i'm sure you could get an ibanez or epiphone either one is good i have an ibanez SA at the minute and the quality is amazing =] hope this helps
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